Need business credit?

Need business credit?

Reality-based business credit takes 3-6 months to build. Make it happen. Do-it-yourself business credit with coaches to guide you. Receive telephone support. Apply to vendors and lenders step-by-step.

Customers develop business funding for their enterprise

Is your business in need of a line of business credit? Need a business credit line independent of your social security number? Were you denied funding or credit? Do you need the easiest and fastest way to raise funds for your idea, project or business operation? Know the common errors and how to avoid them. Know the lender’s requirements and meet them to get funded.

The Business Credit Challenge For The Small Business.

  • Several people try banks at first and get rejected. They didn’t know and didn’t prepare to meet those requirements. Make their error your advantage in accessing the funds for your business.
  • Building business credit involves a methodical approach to borrowing that requires certain steps in a particular order. Know what those steps are and execute them like a pro.
  • Did you know that you should first build vendor credit before applying for loans? Let us point you in the right direction. Don’t repeat the mistakes of others in applying for business credit.

Establish Business Credit Step-by-step, 1-2-3…

  • You must establish tradelines that report to D&B, Business Experian and Business Equifax. Consider focusing on business-to-business providers who report to business credit reporting agencies. Then apply for lines of credit from these providers, buy their products and services, and pay early.
  • Establish a high scoring business credit profile. As your business pays bills on time, you will generate a business credit score that attracts the approval of lenders.

Building Business Credit Correctly & Reap The Benefits Over Time

  • Get approved for business credit accounts without a personal credit check and without acting as personal guarantor. The business credit issuer decides based on your business credit profile and score.
  • There are no inquiries or reporting on your personal credit.
  • You are not personally liable for the business credit when there’s no personal guarantee required.

We Assist Your Business In Building Business Credit To Access Financing

  • To build business credit properly, there’s a checklist you must ready the company to apply for funding. We explain how to lay down that foundation. We empower you through information.
  • Access business credit lines vendor credit, business credit cards and business loans.
  • Access trade credit from vendors who seek to do business with you.
  • We develop a comprehensive plan to build business credit. Follow a plan through our partner
  • We assist in setting up your business. You can start with a brand new company or an aged company.
  • Set up your business credit profile and build it step-by-step with guidance with our partner.
  • Access fleet credit for vehicle leases and financing, fuel and repairs.
  • Know the credibility standards and get approved as much as possible.
  • Avoid providing a personal guarantee and build that business credit under the business.
  • Receive business credit coaching throughout the entire process.
  • Know what the business credit lender requires and meet those requirements.
  • Set up quickly with D&B, Business Equifax, and Business Experian.
  • We include a free aged shelf company with your order. This enables you to compete with establish competitors in your area. Everyone prefers to do business with an older company than a brand new one. If you were to ask a customer for a $10,000 deposit to remodel someone’s home, would they pay your three week old company? They probably would not pay you at all. Would they consider doing business without if your company was three years of age or five years of age? Most likely they would consider it. The age of the company plays a significant role in landing contracts and agreements, and opening doors to compete with established competitors. Make it happen with an aged company. Make an aged company part of your marketing plan. It settles your customers at ease and enables you to get contracts signed. Then follow through on your promises, get deposits from customers, get paid, earn those referrals and grow your business.
  • As a result of your bank deposits from sales, you’re able to access lines of credit from various sources.
  • An aged shelf company plays an important role in your marketing plan, and is an effective part of your marketing plan against established competitors. This boost in sales aids in developing business credit.

What Don’t You See As A Small Business As You Build Business Credit?

  • The hidden underwriting requirements
  • The Artificial Intelligence engine that drives business lending decisions
  • The credibility checks taken into consideration by business credit bureaus, banks, merchants, business credit card companies and other business-to-business lenders.

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What’s Is Part Of The Checklist You Must Complete To Prepare Your Company To Be Funded?

    1. Incorporate as a corporation or LLC, or buy an existing company
    2. Foreign qualify the company into your state
    3. File business licenses locally.
    4. Apply for an occupational license if possible, or if necessary. Banks and lenders like occupational licensing.
    6. Register with 411
    7. Website SSL Certificate
    8. Age of domain.
    9. Directory listings
    10. Social media presence
    11. Credit cards accepted
    12.  Terms of Use on website
    13. Principals listed on website
    14. McAfee seal? Verisign seal?
    15.  Trade references
    16. Business licenses
    17. No liens filed against the business.
    18. DBA’s
    19. Insurance
    20. References and testimonials
    21. Entity bio
    22. Information on public records is consistent throughout.
    23. Yellow pages listing, and more.

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