Is your business in need business credit?

Is your business in need of a line of business credit?   Need a business credit line independent of your social security number? Were you denied funding or credit?  Do you need the easiest and fastest way to raise funds for your idea, project or business operation? Do you prefer that your business finance itself rather than depend on your personal credit? Want the guide to escaping the need of personal guarantee? Needing the most money at the most favorable terms to start or scale up your business? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we may help you.

Our goal is to get your business approved by at least seven business vendors without a personal credit check or personal guarantee.  The goals is to build business credit, to build a high-limit revolving business credit card without a credit check, to acquire fleet, retail, Visa, MasterCard or cash credit for your business.  Make it happen without the funding linked to your SSN.  Build the business credit on the company name and its EIN.  We seek to get your business approved for up to $150,000 in business credit lines and to establish your business credit profile score.

This is independent of your personal revenue, credit check or collateral for anyone who owns a business.Simply possessing an EIN does not mean automatic funding.  You need to work the business credit process to make it for your business. 

The main reason why business owners become frustrated is because they depend on just the EIN to obtain a loan from the bank.  You need to build the business credit over several months before you reach the bank.  That process is rewarding to your business and to you as the business owner.

This guide would help you in building a business credit profile which will help build and obtain business credit.

Can you use your personal credit and sign as a personal guarantee to get approved?  Yes.  Doing so makes you personally liable for the loan.  Instead, focus on building business credit under the company, without a personal guarantee. 

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